Parking at BHI Parkside

There are 70 patient spaces, including a number of bays designed for use by disabled patients and situated next to the main entrance. The vehicle entrance is off Stourbridge Road.

We would like to have offered free parking but this has not proved possible. The premises are so close to the shops that if parking is left completely free, it will be filled by cars owned not by patients but by other people visiting the town centre.

Entry and exit to the car park is controlled using a number plate recognition barrier system. You will be able to enter the car park by driving up to the barrier and the machine will record your number plate before opening. You will then be able to proceed into the grounds to park. At the end of your visit you will need to enter your car registration into the pay machine in the grounds. Payment will validate your number plate and you will then have a few minutes in which to leave the car park via another barrier back on to Stourbridge Road.

Up to fifteen minutes will be free and normal visits should cost no more than a pound. It is unlikely, but if you enter the car park and there are no spaces available then you will be able to drive directly to the barrier and exit without charge. Disabled Badge Holders may park near to the entrance. However, parking is no longer free for Disabled Badge Holders.