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Routine Appointments

We are still mainly offering on the day telephone appointments but may offer a telephone appointment for a later date if this is appropriate. We appreciate that it can be very beneficial to speak to the same doctor or physician associate and by allowing some forward booking we would hope to be able to offer this.


Contacting us online

Contacting us online for a medical appointment or advice is available between 7.30am-9.30am, Monday to Friday. If you think you may need a medical appointment outside of this time then please do call us on 01527 872163 to speak to a trained healthcare navigator. 

For online appointment requests we aim to respond to you on the same day. This may be a message from us stating that we have booked you a telephone appointment for a specific day. Our surgery opening hours are Monday-Friday 8am-6:30pm.


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Home Visits

All examination assessments are arranged by the doctor or physician associate following an initial telephone consultation. This includes home visits which we continue to provide. Having an initial telephone consultation allows the clinician to best assess the situation and arrange an appropriate and timely further assessment if required.

Home visits are only available for patients who are housebound due to illness or disability. Unfortunately, we are unable to make exceptions due to financial constraints. If you are unable to get to the surgery by yourself, we urge you to seek assistance from friends, relatives, or neighbours. 

It is rare that anyone under the age of 75 will need a visit from a member of the surgery for a new illness.

Patients or carers are asked to telephone Churchfields Surgery on 01527 872163 before 10:30am if a home visit may be required that day. Emergency visits will only be arranged that day for calls received after that time.

A request for a home visit doesn't necessarily mean that a clinician will visit. A clinician from the surgery will contact you via telephone, or a community nurse may visit your home. If you are able to do so then you will be asked to attend an examination appointment at the surgery, if needed, as we are better equipped to treat you here.

Cancelling an Appointment

It is vital that if you are unable to attend an appointment, you inform our reception team. This will allow us to offer the appointment slot to another patient. If you fail to notify us that you are unable to attend, we will send a letter informing you that you have defaulted from your appointment. Repeated defaults may result in you being removed from our patient list.

As well as contacting our reception team via telephone, you are also able to complete an appointment cancellation notification request form or send a text to cancel your slot.

PLEASE NOTE: The appointment cancellation notification request form can only be used in instances where your arranged appointment is more than 24 hours in advance of your submission (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Registering For Online Services

If you wish to make use of our online services, then the best route is to download the NHS App. This allows use of a driving licence or passport to confirm your identity and enables you to link to your NHS GP record. Repeat prescriptions are best ordered this way and other services may also be available over time.

Alternative online services such as Patient Access require a registration letter that will have a linkage key and account number on. For these we ask that you contact our reception team for the registration letter. To get this you will need to come to the practice and show us some photo ID such as passport or driving license. 

Whilst photo ID is preferred, we understand that not everyone will have the necessary documents. Therefore, we also accept two household bills in your name at your registered address. Long-term patients that are known to our reception team may be exempt, but please don't feel embarrased if you are asked to provide the necessary identification, it's ultimately for the safety of our patients and their medical information.

Carers may register on behalf of those that are dependant on them, and the same process applies.

PLEASE NOTE: Online services for Churchfields Surgery are only available to patients who are aged 16 or over. At the moment online booking of GP and nurse appointments is suspended. You can request appointments online through our online access portal (linked above).

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