Which Service do you need?

1st Jun

Services beyond Churchfields Surgery that may be just what you need?

Whilst the practice still thinks of itself as the main healthcare hub for its patients there are now some other excellent direct access local services that may be just what you need:

First Contact Physiotherapy - 07436 797891, provided under NHS contract by Catherine Adams Physiotherapy

If you have a new joint or muscle problem then this service seeks to offer a rapid assessment, diagnosis and initial advice. Exercise advice alone may help you recover fully or a referral to further care such as a formal course of physiotherapy (anticipated waiting time perhaps 6 weeks and then up to 6 sessions may be offered) or to an advanced physiotherapy assessment and diagnostic service (longer waits apply) may be suggested.

Community Urgent Eye Assessment Service - visit your local optician

Under NHS contract most local opticians can offer rapid assessment appointments for all eye conditions. If onward specialist referral is needed this can also be arranged without needing input from the practice. Sometimes eye conditions may relate to wider health issues and in that circumstance an assessment by the practice may be encouraged.

Reading Well Project - visit the local library, conveniently on the other side of our car park

The library has a range of literature that has been assessed as providing appropriate medical guidance. Previously know as "Books on Prescription", these are some invaluable resources and can be particularly helpful around child and adult mental health and wellbeing concerns. Learning more about any long-term conditions of your own or a relative may also be helpful to you. Just ask a librarian if help is needed locating resources.

Worcestershire Healthy MindsHome | Healthy Minds (whct.nhs.uk) or telephone 0300 013 5727

All the NHS Talking Treatments such as Counselling are accessed through the Healthy Minds service and self-referral is the usual method to get help.

Worcestershire Care DirectoryWorcestershire Care Services Directory | Publications | Care Choices

Understanding how the care system works to support you or your relatives can be very confusing. This localised guide offers a combination of information pages about matters such as social services funding threshold assessments and also advertisements for local care providers - whether that is home care agencies or residential facilities. Using this guide families are often able to work out directly whether they will be "self-funding" and then make rapid progress to exploring care options with a variety of providers so that a personal choice can be made of the preferred service.

Community Pharmacy Consultation Service

There is a developing service where Pharmacists will look to offer consultations under NHS contract for minor ailments. They already do this often in a more informal way when they give advice about medications available for purchase which can help ailments to resolve. Pharmacies are also excellent places to invest in medical equipment such as home blood pressure monitors, take advice on your medications and get various other helps too. 

29th Jun 2021

Re-opening Reception

We are pleased to confirm that as of 21st June 2021 we have reopened our reception. This now means that patients who do not have symptoms of COVID-19 can come to reception to make requests if they wish.

We would still encourage patients to either telephone the surgery or contact us online if possible, however we are aware of the difficulties some patients are having using these methods.


We are committed to providing the best care possible for all of our patients. To achieve this we have had to look at how we provide care as we move forward. We have come to the decision that returning to the previous way of working where all patients were seen face to face is unrealistic and unachievable. Although not perfect, being able to have telephone appointments or online messages as the initial contact, with Face To Face appointments being arranged as needed following this assessment has allowed us to help with more patients more quickly than we could under the old system. We will therefore look to continue with this method going forward. We would, however, expect to see that a greater number of patients will be invited for face to face examinations as we move further out of the pandemic.