Difficulties Contacting Surgery

29th Jun 2021

Difficulties Contacting Surgery

We are very aware of the current issues our patients are having trying to contact the surgery. We are truly sorry that this has become such a big issue and want to rectify this as soon as possible.

The last thing we want is patients struggling to get through to us when they are in need and the difficulties you have been facing are not acceptable to us.

Please be assured that we are looking into how we can make this better both in the form of new phone systems and how we handle calls and patient requests. Given the changes that will be required we can't promise this will be a quick fix.

While we try and get these issues sorted we would encourage those who are willing and able to try using the Engage Consult system we have put in place over the last 12 months. This is by no means perfect but it does allow you to send a query to us without having to wait on the phone. We look to respond to all messages sent before 11am on the same day. Any message sent after 11am will be dealt with by the end of the next working day, although we will try to action them as soon as possible.

Once again we are sorry that this has become such a problem and that some of you have not been able to contact us when you have wanted to. We will always look to make the practice work better for our patients where it is possible.


UPDATE: 28/07/21

We have now switched to our new phone system. The next step in improving access to the surgery will be to change the phone message making it quicker to get into the queue for a receptionist. We will also be assessing the volume of calls that we receive on a dialy basis to try and make sure that we are staffing reception appropriatly to the level of demand. We will look to keep you all updated as we make further changes